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Christmas Worries

For those who have experienced loss, grief or family estrangement, the worry about Christmas can start early. For some people, it looms in the background of their thoughts all year.

If you have experienced fractures in relationships such as divorce, family feuds or loss, it is likely that you will be feeling the pain of those fractures more acutely at this time of year. Thoughts about happier Christmases in the past and fear of how you may not be able to create this again in the future are hard to deal with. Divorce and separation throws up a mix of dilemmas if there are children involved such as where will the children spend Christmas? How much time should they spend with each parent? Even when time is split evenly and both parents are satisfied, there is often still a sense of loss and of loneliness.

If the joyful messages on social media or TV in anticipation of joyful December celebrations are colliding in conflict with your feelings about this year’s festive season you may well be feeling isolated in your thoughts. This might manifest in an attempt to avoid discussions to do with Christmas presents and arrangements. Often it is difficult to know who to talk to about your feelings as friends appear to be planning a fairly “normal” Christmas and you don’t want to burden them with your worries.

Leading up to the holiday season I have a limited number of spaces for a one-off session either at my Hertford consulting room or via Zoom. The session will last for 90 minutes and will give you the opportunity to share your worries and discuss your conflicting feelings in a confidential place.

Contact me at to find out more about fees and to arrange a session.

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