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Our Services

Open-ended Psychotherapy

Weekly therapy that is effective for more than one issue or exploring life-long patterns.  Excellent if you suspect your difficulty goes back a long way.  It allows you time to alter your pace according to how you feel and can help to achieve more depth to your sessions. You are free to end the therapy any time you like.  

Therapy Session

One-off check-in therapy

Great if you're new to psychotherapy and want to see how a session feels without committing to weekly sessions.  It's an opportunity to review recent changes in your life or alterations in your mood or sense of well-being.   A perfect chance to explore your methods of self-support and consider new ones.  

Psychology Patient

Drop-in workplace counselling 

Make sure your business is providing the best opportunities for its employees to look after their mental health with a day or half a day of 50 minute individual sessions in the workplace.  Pre-booked sessions once-weekly have shown to improve employee well-being and productivity.

Two Men at a Meeting

Short-term counselling

Effective for focussing on one issue that is recent rather than historic.  Also some clients who are new to counselling prefer to start with this approach.  

Girl in Therapy

If you're new to counselling and are still not sure whether you'd like open-ended therapy or a fixed number of sessions, that's fine.  We can discuss it over the phone so that you can ask any questions you need to.  Once you are coming to sessions, we regularly review the process together so that we can make any adjustments as we go along.


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